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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yesterday's Poem

My name is Monique la Femme. I am quite unique. I am magnifique. I am very pretty. I am an expert tree climber, and in the summer, I fill my parent's house with butterflies so I can watch them up close. I love butterflies.
Alphonse is my brother. Don't pay too much attention to his mafia talk. He is a big pussycat.

Do you think I am adorable? I do.

When you pet me, I stand on my tip toes like a ballerina. In the morning, I will visit you in the shaving room so that you can brush my furry little cheeks with the special brush, then watch as you sprinkle water on yourself and dry it off with the big towel. I'm still here waiting for more brushing by the way...


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